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Commercial Law

In simple terms, commercial or business law is about helping people do business more effectively. Business people need to be able to understand the relevant commercial and legal issues, negotiate sound deals and find workable commercial solutions for their business.

Competency in negotiations and preparing contracts is a basic requirement for any commercial lawyer. But it's the lawyer's strategic thinking and problem solving abilities that will deliver the best business outcomes.

Our approach is to work with clients to identify the range of possibilities for structuring each transaction. In negotiating and drafting contracts, it's crucial to understand what's not spelt out, what should be included and which issues are crucial for clients.

Focus areas include:

  • business ventures - formation, operation, financing, compliance, acquisition and disposal
  • commercial contracts - negotiation and documentation, government tenders and contracts
  • licensing and franchising
  • insolvency, liquidations and administrations
  • revenue law - income tax, capital gains tax, stamp duty and sales tax
  • corporate reconstructions and listings
  • dealings with government

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